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Györ guide – Gyor hotels

A beautiful city halfway between Vienna and Budapest, Gyor is a colorful place where the wonders of nature, culture and architecture meet to form a pleasant environment. Because of its central location Györ has been an important station for the trade flow towards Western Europe ever since the Roman period; during the Ottoman occupation, the town remained a fortress of Christianity and has played a crucial role in the defense of the continent.

Gyor awaits its visitors with a pleasant sub-alpine atmosphere, with beautiful old historical monuments as well as with unique gastronomical pleasures.

Hotels in Györ:

Alfa Hotel*** (9023 Gyor, Tihanyi Árpád u. 23.)
Arany Szarvas Fogadó*** (9025 Gyor, Radó sétány 1.)
Corvin Hotel*** (9023 Gyor, Corvin u. 19.)
Fonte Hotel*** (9022 Gyor, Schweidel u. 17.)
Golden Ball Club*** (9021 Gyor, Szent István u. 4.)
Kalvaria Hotel**** (9024 Gyor, Kálvária u. 22/d.)
Hotel Klastrom*** (9021 Györ, Zechmeister u.1.)
Konferencia Hotel**** (9021 Györ, Apor Vilmos püspök tér 3.)
Leier Business Hotel** (9071 Győr - Gönyű, Kossuth Lajos u. 148.)